HEI Web Hosting Prices
Packages Monthly Storage/Traffic Email Boxes
Standard Hosting $14.99 200MB/1GB Unlimited (As part of storage)
Deluxe $29.99 400MB/3GB Unlimited (As part of storage)
Premium $49.99 2GB/Up To 5GB Unlimited (As part of storage)
Domain Name Registration - $15.00/YR. Fee waived with 12 month pre-pay $179.88/YR
High performance equipment connected to the backbone via High Speed Data Lines means your Web Site gets delivered to your customers quickly. Virtual Server Accounts allow you to place your Web Site www.yourcompany.com) on the Net at a fraction of the cost of maintaining your own server. We offer complete hosting services, including:

  • Virtual Accounts
  • Secured Server Accounts
  • CGI Scripting Support
  • JAVA Support
All Virtual Accounts include 5 email accounts and come with a FREE UNDER CONSTRUCTION WEB PAGE, FTP access, and Telnet access.


We also offer complete WWW Development services with packages for everyone. If you need a small two page site, or a large database placed on the WWW, we can help.



Virtual Web Pricing

Account Type Set Up Storage allowed Dial Up Monthly Cost
Level 1 Virtual $20.00 20 Meg $10 $19.99
Level 2 Virtual $20.00 40 Meg $10 $39.99
Level 3 Virtual $20.00 100 Meg $10 $49.99
Level 4 Virtual $20.00 2000 Meg $10 $59.99
Additional EMAIL Boxes $0.00 NA NA $5.00
Additional Disk Space beyond 200mb $0.00 10Meg NA $5.00
Secured Server $100.00 N/A N/A $50.00

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